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Wellness Workshops and Talks

Wellness Planning Talks

We deliver wellness planning talks/workshops for organisations to empower individuals to take a more active approach towards their well-being. The workshops will be a guided process and cover the following:

  • Various definitions and domains of wellness

  • Wellness Toolbox Construction

  • Identifying life triggers and solutions

  • Understanding downward spirals

  • Formulating crisis plans


The duration of these workshops and talks will depend on the organization's availability and the format they prefer. It can be a 1-hour interactive talk using chat as an engagement tool or a 1.5-hour discussion-style talk with breakout rooms.


Do reach out to find out more if you are interested to arranging a workshop/talk in your community or organisations!

“We are honoured to have Sharmain to share with us about the different types of wellness. It was very informative workshop where we learnt strategies and tools to cope with triggers and how to better apply them in our daily lives."

Chia Pei Tan, Manager

GovTech – Meteor Tribe

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