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About Us

Total Wellness Initiative Singapore (TWIS) is a newly launched social enterprise with a ground-up arm that aim to promote and encourage people to take the first step towards being more intentional in caring for their well-being. 

We believe that the key to achieving holistic well-being and preventing various physical or mental health concerns is through empowering individuals. To do that, we have curated and generated a pool of bite-sized and easily digestible wellness-oriented resources using a 10 dimensional perspective of wellness as our guiding framework.


Since our inception in August 2021, we have grown to over 80 volunteers and spearheaded the following key initiatives:


  • Partnership with Organisations - Conduct wellness planning workshops to support individuals in crafting a plan for their well-being in life. We have worked with organizations such as ShopBack, Aruba (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), General Assembly, HSBC, NTU, NUS, and many other groups.

  • Community Education - Create and share over 300 pieces of unique content related to wellness and well-being on our website and social media platforms.

Join us in putting WE back into Wellness by providing feedback on the content you hope to see, sharing this website, and encouraging others to care for their well-being too! 

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©2022 Total Wellness Initiative SG

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