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Wellness Planning Talks

We deliver wellness planning talks/workshops for organisations to empower individuals to take a more active approach towards their well-being. The workshops will be a guided process and cover the following:

  • Various definitions and domains of wellness

  • Wellness Toolbox Construction

  • Identifying life triggers and solutions

  • Understanding downward spirals

  • Formulating crisis plans

The duration of these workshops and talks will depend on the organization's availability and the format they prefer. It can be a 1-hour interactive talk using chat as an engagement tool or a 1.5-hour discussion-style talk with breakout rooms.


Do reach out to find out more if you are interested to arranging a workshop/talk in your community or organisations!

“I am moved by the mission of Total Wellness Initiative and the selfless work Jon and his team does . Even in the best of times, wellness in all aspects especially mental wellness is needed for a well functioning team, but with this difficult pandemic season, it is crucial. We are glad to have Jon come in with a well-received workshop for the team.” 

Justin Chiah, Senior Director (SEATH)


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