Wellness Planning Talks

We deliver wellness planning talks/workshops for organisations to empower individuals to take a more active approach towards their well-being. The workshops will be a guided process and cover the following:

  • Various definitions and domains of wellness

  • Wellness Toolbox Construction

  • Identifying life triggers and solutions

  • Understanding downward spirals

  • Formulating crisis plans

The duration of these workshops and talks will depend on the organization's availability and the format they prefer. It can be a 1-hour interactive talk using chat as an engagement tool or a 1.5-hour discussion-style talk with breakout rooms. We are not a business, purely community driven, and are committed to keeping everything we do free and accessible for all. Do reach out to arrange a workshop/talk and consider following our various platforms. 

“I am moved by the mission of Total Wellness Initiative and the selfless work Jon and his team does . Even in the best of times, wellness in all aspects especially mental wellness is needed for a well functioning team, but with this difficult pandemic season, it is crucial. We are glad to have Jon come in with a well-received workshop for the team.” 

Justin Chiah, Senior Director, South East Asia Taiwan and Hong Kong / Macau (SEATH), Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

“The workshop couldn't have happened at a better time! As we navigate through new norms in our lives and try to regain some normalcy, we have prioritized other life aspects that we tend to overlook our well-being. So it's a good starting point for our team as Jon facilitated the space for us to identify, be aware, and be conscious about the situation and how we can cope or get out of it to gain equilibrium in our lives. Thank you, Jon and Yong Qing, for taking the time and sharing the beneficial information with us!”

Aurelia Tan, Head of Operations (Singapore), General Assembly

“The workshop was very insightful for those new to the topic of well-being and served as a useful reminder for those in touch with the topic of well-being. The speaker was able to navigate the sensitive topics professionally and inspire the participants to reflect deeply. Many applicable tools were exchanged between the speaker and the participants, and it is recommended for anyone who is interested to begin or keep up with their wellness journey.”

Tay Xin Ying, Assistant (People, Performance and Development), Asia-Pacific, International Air Transport Association

"We would like to thank Jon for his insightful sharing. The strategies and tools shared were simple, useful and, easy to understand. We believe that our participants have their minds enriched as much as we did. Last but not least, our hearts are warmed by Total Wellness SG initiative, keep your passion and keep going Jon and team! Thanks again for taking your weekend to share with D.A.W.N!"

Alice Abigail Tan & Michelle Goh, Founders, D.A.W.N (Divorced And Widowed Network)

"The total wellness workshop was held as part of the Beyond The Screen: You(th) Perspectives event presented by Youth Corps Mental Health Cluster as part of Beyond The Label Fest.

For many, it was the first time receiving professional advice on how to fully utilise these coping mechanisms to help plan their wellness journey. Jon gave an in-depth and cohesive walkthrough on the general concept of wellness planning that was informative and insightful for the youth listening in for the very first time. The talk was beneficial for all as the general framework can be effectively tailored to an individual's unique lifestyle. 

The segment was especially valuable for youths who are struggling to cope with their mental well-being independently. The talk actively covered sensitive topics, however, Jon was able to maintain a professional front and carefully present the information that the community has been lacking to address. Thank you Jon for hitting all the deliverable to address that wellness planning is for everyone!"

Nabilah Nasir, Organising Team

"AAS had the great privilege of having Mr Jonathan Kuek, the co-founder of Total Wellness Initiative Singapore to share his great insights with AAS members and guests on how to care about our well-being,   This informative session provided us the necessary wellness strategies & tools, especially at times when most of us are working from home.  AAS looks forward to more of such great workshops from Total Wellness Initiative in future!"

Richard Ngo, Chair of Events, Australian Alumni Singapore

“The talk on wellness was greatly received by our Digital Business Services (DBS) colleagues. We learned about the various types of wellness and it is not just on mental wellness per se and techniques and tools to take care of our wellness, ways to identify and cope with triggers that may disrupt our wellness. Jon was a great speaker and able to explain the abstract concept of wellness in simple terms so that we can apply them in our daily lives. I will definitely do the outreach to Jon for further sessions on wellness. Thank you Jon.” 

Edmund Heng, Chief Control Officer for Digital Business Services (Singapore and Vietnam), HSBC

The wellness talk was provided to volunteers of NTU Welfare Services Club, Regular Service Project (Mental Health) as part of the workshops organised in December. As volunteers, we often provide care and in the process of it, we may neglect to care for ourselves too. The talk by Mr Jonathan Kuek reminded us of the importance of caring for our own wellness as well, and especially so when times are good. The various facets of wellness also widened our perspective on wellness and the talk also provided alternative tools for us to improve on our wellness. The web tools utilised during the session also enabled us to be engaged and actively participate during the talk. 


We would like to thank the Total Wellness Initiative for providing this insightful talk for our student club and the work that you are doing for the community! We look forward to more of such talks by the Total Wellness Initiative!"

Venise Yeo, Vice-Chairperson, NTU Welfare Services Club, Regular Service Project (Mental Health)

“I have been given the honour of inviting Jonathan Kuek from the Total Wellness Initiative Singapore to be the guest speaker of the webinar hosted by my company on 16 Dec 2021. Jonathan was more than happy to conduct an 1 hour workshop titled 'Flourishing in the new normal' for my prospects and clients. The webinar was well-organized . Jonathan was very knowledgeable and engaging, judging from the responses and feedbacks from the webinar attendees , the salient points and tools shared generously by Jonathan were engaging and beneficial for the improvement of our mental wellness and how to take better care of ourselves given that job burnouts are on the rise.” 

Winson Tay, Marketing & Sales Manager, ZAL Interiors Pte Ltd