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Stress Management Workshop

Wellness Planning Talks

Want to figure out how to take care of your wellness and manage difficult situations in life with good strategies? Stress management workshops empowers individuals to take a more active approach towards caring for their well-being.


The workshops will be a guided process and cover the following:

Stress Management

  • Different types of stress

  • Signs and symptoms of stress

  • Recontextualizing Stress

Burnout & Boundary Management 

  • What is Burnout?

  • Types of Boundaries

  • Practicing Self Care

Thought Reframing & Time Management

  • Learn the 3Cs technique to reframe your thoughts

  • Prioritizing time schedules

  • S.T.A.R.T planning

The duration of these workshops and talks will depend on the organization's availability and the format they prefer. It can be a 1-hour interactive talk or a 1.5-hour group discussion.

Do reach out to find out more if you are interested to arrange a workshop/talk for your community or organisation!

Both workshops from TWIS helped me to understand more about how to take care of myself be it from the physical or mental aspects of my health. As someone who struggles from chronic and mental health illness. This workshop has helped me to find more ways that can manage my stress better.

Shermin (Dreamcatchers)

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