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Transformation stays at a long distance

A boy entered the gymnasium with sparkling eyes and enthusiasm galore. He was awed looking at the milieu all around. The lighting, music, hustle-bustle, flexing of muscles, grunts, and push to continue improving seemed truly energizing to him. Then, spotting a new face, one of the trainers walked up to him. The boy was thin and sleek, and assuming he was here to train, the trainer started talking about the gym, equipment, exercising regime, diet, etc. Before the trainer could finish, the boy, who was trying to listen to his every word, suddenly raised a query. Will my friends see a difference in my body and gait after I go through the guided exercise schedule you suggested, maybe in a week? - he asked innocently.

Such a scenario and approach are common and evident in the behaviour of many. After all, who dislikes seeing a more refined and evolved version of themselves? But restlessness, shortcuts, and daydreaming seldom help us achieve these goals. Furthermore, they tend to bring dark allies such as anxiety, exasperation, irritation, and annoyance, and getting rid of them is often a Herculean task. Consequently, because of the collective and powerful influences of these negative forces, we often are dragged away from being able to make a real transformation.

Transformation is a long journey where one achieves and attains one milestone after another. Reaching each milestone implies some evident changes have occurred, positive or negative, but all serve to signal that it is now time to get ready to walk towards the next milestone. Needless to say, the path is not smooth all the time and may present several twists and turns. Often, the dark allies discussed above may attempt to mislead, misguide, and cause us to head down less favourable paths where the dark tunnel has no ending and not even a ray wades its way.

Hence, fundamental questions arise about initiating a transformational journey and ensuring a higher chance of traversing it successfully.

Here are 4 simple steps you can take to do so.

a. Willingness and clarity - First and foremost, you must be willing to see real changes in any aspect of your personality, whether internal or external, positive or negative. It may range from your looks and appearance to how you behave, think, and perceive various situations in life. Every aspect could be changed in some way, which needs to be made very clear from the start. Willingness gives you the key to opening the door to your transformation journey that clarity will provide.

b. Drop by Drop - It is risky to think that changes are going to be evident in no time, setting one up for failure due to unrealistic expectations. Change requires considerable time, depending upon the magnitude of transformation one seeks. For example, trying to run a full marathon after picking up jogging for a week will probably not happen without potentially negative physical health consequences. You have to embrace progress, go bit by bit, and eventually, you will reach your milestone(s), however, the pace will also vary from person to person.

c. Consistent sans Resistance - Consistency is essential, and bear in mind that some parts of your psyche, alongside numerous external factors, may offer stiff opposition and resistance along the way. Invisible voices declaring that “nothing can change” and “what you are doing is a sheer waste of time and effort” or that “you are stupid and crazy for trying to change”. During these times, your convictions and strong support circles are pertinent to enabling you to continue the journey or help you get back on track in case of digression.

d. Say No to Halts - Last but not least, there could be times when various life situations slow your pace of change. These are factors, both internal and external, which may force or necessitate you to slow down. Many times, there are compelling and unavoidable circumstances beyond one’s control. But no matter what, avoid halting completely, as this could put up huge blockades and barricades in the path of transformation, which may further demotivate and discourage you from continuing. Instead, adjust your expectations, aim for less, and take small steps to achieve your goals.

So, when you are all set to embark on the journey towards transformation, here is one last reminder that it stays at a long distance but will always be worth your while.

Good Luck!

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